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Why Seniors?

Well I’ve been sitting around all week trying to decide what to write about. I just couldn’t think of anything that would really be all that meaningful to our Senior week this week. As it comes to an end I have finally decided what I wanted to tell you about.

Why Seniors? Why do we enjoy photographing seniors?

A lot of the seniors we get to work with are full of life and happiness. They are spunky and usually just learning about who they really are. They aren’t afraid to be themselves especially in front of the camera and I just LOVE that about seniors. Photographing them during their final year of high school is such an amazing thing. For those that do multiple sessions, we really get to see the difference from the beginning of their high school year and watch them transform into little adults while they prepare for their future endeavors.

Learning the differences of photographing boys vs. girls is also a lot of fun. Some of these boys when we first meet them you can just tell that their moms are making them do this. That doesn’t stop us though, we still have them laughing along with us or even at us by the end of their session haha. Once you can get a smile to crack out of a senior boy, you know you’ve won him over. Other senior boys just love getting their photos taken. Even some that we wouldn’t expect! As long as we let them be themselves, we are always having fun by the end!

Senior girls. Oh man, senior girls. Always absolutely beautiful and always making sure everything is on point and perfect with their attire and posing. They enter the studio with bags or hangers full of different outfits waiting for us to pick out the perfect ones to go with the locations we have chosen. All of the girls we get into the studio absolutely LOVE having their photos taken. Whether they are used to their friends photographing them or have been waiting for this moment for a few years, their true self always comes out in front of my camera and it is always so much fun!

Another favorite part of photographing seniors that I love is the planning process. Once our seniors reach out to us, we send them a questionnaire where they get to tell us all about themselves. We ask them what their favorite activity is, favorite movie, even their favorite place to eat. We want to know as much about them as possible so we can make their senior experience as amazing as possible! I also encourage them to ask questions about us, we want to make sure our seniors are as comfortable spending a few hours with us as possible. We use the information provided from their questionnaire to customize their sessions down to which piece of jewelry will go best with that floral shirt. Creating that amazing session that fits your every want and need will give you the best images possible.





So why seniors? Thats why. Its just what we love to do. 

Thanks for reading! Pay your deposit for your senior experience by midnight tonight (June 9th) and get a $50 credit to spend on your products or another session fee! Let us give you one of the best senior experiences around!

Traverse City dates are available. Let us know in your inquiry so we can get you those dates!



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