A fun-loving, goofy photog duo who just so happen to share a studio and are great friends. 

Karlee & Keysha

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My photography journey has only just begun! I graduated with my BA in Marketing and was fortunate enough to stay home with my kids until I decided to venture back into the land of the living. My husband frequently questions my sanity and reluctantly joins in on my adventures.

I'm eccentric, outgoing, and have three beautiful kids. I love capturing emotions and trying new things. If you want to have a beer and talk about it, just let me know.

Joining the Brick Street team has been a dream come true. I can't wait to capture every moment of your next chapter!
Cheers to you!

Child wrangler • beer snob

dog wrangler • disney freak


I took up photography when I was 18, receiving my Associates Degree in Photography from Grand Rapids Community College in 2015. I'm married to my best friend Logan, and together we have three fur babies: a cat named Wilma, and two pitties named Wallace and Poncho.

I am a Disney lover, a music lover, and an animal lover. Feel free to ask me anything you want to know about these topics and I'll surely talk your ear off!

I can be pretty goofy at times but my true self shines in my art. I would love to give you a unique experience showcasing exactly what makes you so unique.


seniors. weddings. lifestyle chapters.


Grand Rapids and Ionia, Michigan Based Photographers
Serving West and Mid Michigan

Studio Location: 217 W Main Street Ionia, MI 48846