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What to Wear? | Style Guide for your Portrait Sessoin!

Booking your portrait session is the easy part, figuring out what to wear and how to coordinate everyone in the images is where it can get difficult! Here are 5 tips on how to dress yourself and/or your family for any portrait session you may participate in!

#1: Coordinate don’t match.

What? What does that even mean! Well, we will tell you what it means! Don’t have everyone wearing the same exact outfit. Nothing totally wrong with the jeans and white t-shirt look however if you want to spice up your images and the overall look and feel we suggest picking a color pallet and going with it! This works great for individual family photos and generation photos especially. If your family likes more of the earthy tones, you’ll want to stick with some neutral browns/beiges, creams, with a pop of a muted color. If you think you’d like more of a pop of color, navy and mustard go really great together or coral and navy for those extra bright sunny days!


#2: Accessorize.

You heard us bring out some of your favorite accessories! Have a big hat or a chunky necklace? Those are perfect additions to your portraits. Whether you’re a senior, a family of five, or two people in love you can never have enough accessories. Wear a jacket and layer your clothes. Layers make you look a little more appealing and we can use your jacket or sweater as an accessory! Take it off and sling it over your shoulder, or just take it off for a few images to create a whole new look without even having to change your shirt. Don’t be afraid of some jewelry or fun shoes to spice up your look!


#3: Patterns- yes or no?

Patterns are certainly ok but only if they are used to a certain extent. Don’t have every single person in a pattern, we try and say to have one person per every five wear a pattern. It does help break up the group a little and your eyes won’t be looking all over at all of the different patterns. Some great patterns to stick with are small and simple such as a nice floral or plaid shirt. You don’t want the pattern to be super bright in color, keep it more muted tones or just enough to make your outfit pop. Don’t overdo the patterns! We want to be looking at your face not the details of your shirt. One way to add in multiple patterns is breaking up someones with a solid color jacket or sweater. The pattern will peek out and give us just enough to love it!


#4: Do you love this outfit?

Does this outfit make you feel comfortable? Beautiful? Like you look the best you have ever looked before? Is it an outfit that you pull out of your closet on a weekly basis and you just never tire of it? If so then, by all means, you should be wearing that outfit for at least one set of images. We want our clients, especially our seniors to love what they are wearing. Wear something your comfortable in and something you can be your complete self in. We want to photograph YOU not some alternate version of you, wear something that represents your personality and rock it! If you’re comfortable in the clothes you in, you’re more likely going to love your images more.

#5: Have Fun.

Overall, if you’ve thought long and hard about what you’re wearing and are just fed up with thinking about it. Stop worrying, we’re here to help and get you coordinated for your big session! Ask us questions and send us snapshots of your outfit ideas. We want you to have fun and focus on yourself and those involved in the session with you. Get the kids giggling, show us some of your favorite dance moves, and who cares if the dog got a dirty paw print on your shirt. It is all so minuscule when thinking about what these moments are going to mean to you for the rest of your lives. Watch us dance around ridiculously and listen to our not so funny jokes because we want to give you an experience that will last a lifetime <3


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