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What product is right for you?

As much as we’d love to share all of our products to you in person, we thought it might help you out a bit to see a glimpse of them online.

The Books & Albums

What’s the difference? While they’re both similar, our books are something we recommend for smaller scale sessions, such as a family or engagement. It’s the kind of book you’d get for those in-between moments, especially when you know you’ll be hitting a big milestone soon. That’s where the albums come in. From weddings to seniors, newborns to generation sessions, the albums are a perfect way to bring your experience home. If you’re wanting to display more than a single image in your home, these are great options for the coffee table; just hand them over to guests to relive your memories.

Our albums come in an assortment of different cover options ranging from linen to leather, velvet to suede, as well as a slew of different colors. Our books are more limited in cover options, with just linen and leather available.

We’re running a signature book sale during the months of September & October, giving you $50 off your book order! We offer four different sizes, 5×5, 8×8, & 10×10. Our 6×9 (the green album below) are the signature size for seniors only.

Rose gold leather cover & green linen only available with our Signature Albums.


The Wall Art

Our wall art ranges from our Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Metal Print, & Acrylic Metal Print. You can get these in sizes from 11×14 all the way up to a 20×30. All of these products come prepped and ready to hang. If you’re into canvases, this is a product for you. Our Gallery Wrapped Canvas is beautiful! I love how sharp and crisp the images come out and how easy they are to hang on the wall. If you’re looking for something a little more out of the box, you’ll LOVE our metals and acrylics. The vibrancy of printing on metal is amazing. It really makes the colors pop, giving a very unique look to your images. These come ready to hang with all hardware, including wall mounts!

Why go with a wall art piece? These pieces will give a unique look to your home or office while showcasing some of the most important memories of your life. Some people like to think small, but honestly, the bigger the better. Make a collage of different size pieces or mix and match with different styles. Our most popular size canvas and metal is the 16×24. I even suggest a size larger if you don’t plan to hang anything else around it, or make that size the center of your gallery wall, using smaller wall art or framed prints as accent pieces.

11×14 Canvas Gallery Wrap

16×24 Canvas Gallery Wrap | 8×12 Acrylic Metal | 16×24 Metal


Ala Carte

Our Ala Carte menu is full of the more “fun” products. A little different than your standard album and wall art pieces. We offer a variety of little keepsakes from this menu, these options are great for gifts or display pieces! Some of our Ala Carte Options include our Memory box, Accordion Minis, Heritage Wooden Round, & our Shelfie. All statement pieces!

Our memory box is handcrafted in Michigan. Local to the Kent County area. It comes with 10 5×7’s that are matted along with a display stand. This is a great product to keep out on the coffee table or shelf and allows you to interchange your images whenever you want. It can be customized with your name as well!

Another popular item is the 16 inch Heritage Wooden Round print. It’s printed on wood and really makes a great statement piece in your home.

This is called the Shelfie. One of our newer products that have quickly gained popularity. This item works for any type of session. It comes with a little shelf in white or black and three of these 6×6 metal prints. The great thing about this is that we can update your metal prints without having to get a new shelf when you decide to schedule another session. They are interchangeable!

I’d love to share more of our products with you but you’ll have to come on down to the studio yourself and view everything in person! You can view photos and read descriptions all day long but until you see it in person, you won’t understand the full value of these products. We want your stories to be told, not just thrown on a USB in a desk drawer.

Stop on down or set up a consultation to go over any products you may have questions about! Our goal is to get you products that you can love and admire for the years to come. <3


Thanks for reading!


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