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Upstairs Downtown Tour-IONIA

May 19th was a rainy Saturday morning. Logan (Mr. Brick Street) and I decided we wanted to go to Ionia’s Upstairs Downtown tour. Neither of us had ever been so we drove down to the studio to grab an umbrella and made our way to the ticket booth to purchase our tickets for the event.

They gave us a slip for our tickets that had 8 different locations on it all along Main Street. As we made our way to the first spot, I of course thought I wouldn’t want my camera so I didn’t have it with me. Well that was a mistake. Now I know to never not have my camera even if I want to attempt to take a morning off haha. We made our way back to the studio to grab the camera and then continued onto our tour.

Throughout the tour we were able to see all different buildings that have some amazing history to them. More than I could have ever imagined. Some had areas that had been renovated into apartments, others were still in their original decaying state. One building has been transformed into a wedding venue called Venue 404. It was a beautiful thing to see and to learn about the histories of each of these buildings and what once was there.

These are just a few of the shots I was able to get. To see more please visit HERE



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