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Top 5 Senior Picture Locations / Class of 2022

Ever wondered what some of our favorite senior picture locations are? This post will show you some of our favorite locations that the class of 2022 picked for their senior pictures. We were able to travel the state this year to some amazing photo spots and we love what we were able to capture along the way!

1: Lake Michigan

We hit up Holland State Park, PJ Hoffmaster State Park, and a Ludington beach all along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. We were blessed with amazing weather each and every time. Those sunsets on the beach are probably one of my favorite places to photograph! Not to mention, you get to just walk around barefoot the whole time during your shoot. I tend to get in the water with my seniors as well, I don’t think I’ve ever left a beach session without having to change my clothes before the drive home!

ludington beach
muskegon state park
pj hoffmaster state park
holland beach senior girl
lake michigan senior on the beach

2: Downtown Grand Rapids Hidden Gems

We had a couple of downtown Grand Rapids sessions this year and each time we found some great hidden gems that I had never seen before! Talk about walking through a skywalk only to come across a beautiful light fixture. Or finding an awesome mural with bugs all over it. How about standing in the middle of an intersection on Monroe Center to get the perfect shot (while not interrupting the traffic flow that is). We also found a beautiful park, Riverside Park that overlooks some of the tall buildings of downtown in the distance.

3: Horse Stables

We love when our seniors want to include their passions within their senior picture locations. Kaedin and her horse Buck welcomed me with open arms to the stables where Buck lives. It is a stunning location with all sorts of beautiful horses but of course, Buck stole the show.

4: Hanulcik Farm Market

Hanulcik Farm Market is the perfect senior picture location! Especially when the sunflowers are blooming. We love doing sunflower sessions and had the honor of getting to do two of them this year. Olivia and Kira both rocked their sunflower sessions. Hanulcik’s is great becuase they let us use a lot of different areas around their property including their barn. The rental fee is reasonable and it always makes for beautiful photos. Be sure to stop by in the spring/summer/fall months to pick your own fruits!

sunflower senior pictures

5: Downtown Ionia’s Historic Buildings and Rooftop

Of course we didn’t put our studio in downtown Ionia for no reason. We love it here and the historic aspects of it. We also love the rooftop of our building for senior portraits! The business owners around here are always so gracious and Izzy’s Barbershop let us in to the upstairs of his building for some really cool shots of Bretten.

These are just a handful of senior picture locations that we loved from the last year. Stay tuned for another blog post sharing another top 5 locations from the class of 2022!

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