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Top 5 Grand Rapids Engagement Session Tips

As photographers, we want to give our clients the best and most meaningful engagement session possible. If you’re not sure what to do for your engagement session, hopefully, some of these tips will help!

Tip #1: Location, Location, Location!
When thinking about your location, don’t just choose someplace all willy nilly. We love photographing our couples in a place that is meaningful to them. It could be your favorite park, your favorite brewery, the spot he proposed, or the place you first laid eyes on each other! If it has meaning to you, your images will mean more when you see the final shots. Maybe it is just a location that you find absolutely stunning or a place you’ve always wanted to be photographed in. Either way, you’re going to love your location!

Tip #2: Style
Not sure what to wear on the “big day”? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! We can give you style ideas that will match your location while also achieving that picture-perfect look you’re going for. Some easy style tips:
-Don’t wear super bright neon colors. Stick with solid neutral tones with a few pops of color here or there.
-Be sure to accessorize! A fun hat or scarf might just be the final touch to make your outfit complete. You could even get matching sunglasses for a fun flair!
-Bring a second outfit change. Maybe your first outfit isn’t really doing it for you or the photographer. If you have options, it will give us options to work with as well. Or who knows, maybe we will fall in a mud pit or something and you’ll need some new clothes for the ride home! We like to be adventurous!
-Layers are always a great option. Bring a jacket or sweater that you can take on and off. This will give you a complete outfit change without having to actually change your outfit.

Do you have a beloved pet? Don’t hesitate to bring your fur babies. They are part of the family too. A lot of time for new couples or people like myself, their pet/s are their pride and joy! We love to photograph them with you, we even like to get them some ice cream treats if there’s something like that nearby.

Tip #4: Time of Year
Do you have a favorite season? Think about what your favorite season is and determine if that is when you’d like to do your engagement photos. Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring. I personally did mine during the winter with a nice fresh snowfall. But we have done many throughout the different seasons and love all of them for different reasons! Are you a summer beachy couple? Are you more the type that likes to get bundled up with sweaters and scarves? Either way, lets photograph you in your favorite season! If you’re not using these images for Save the Dates then the time we do them doesn’t really matter. Let us give you the engagement session of your dreams!

Tip #5: Activites
We know we told you to choose a location that’s close to your heart but another thing that kind of goes along with that is to choose an activity that you both love to do together. Do you cook together? Do you have a favorite event you attend every year? Maybe you just like to sit on your couch watching Netflix together or in my case Disney+. To spice it up it is always fun capturing the two of you together in your element. We want you to have fun and be as comfortable as possible in front of our camera. Let’s capture you doing something you love and want to remember for the rest of your life!

Well after reading these few tips hopefully, you can take them into account for not only an engagement session but any future session you decide to have. We do still have a few open dates for 2020 and are booking into 2021 for our weddings! If you’re in need of a wedding photographer, we’d love to chat!

Thanks for reading!


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