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The Lopez Boys

I have been photographing this family since before these boys even came into this world. It’s crazy to believe that Shannon is about to have her third boy and I’ll have the opportunity to photograph him as well! I can’t wait to meet the little guy.

For the last three years I was convinced the twins didn’t like me. They never wanted to smile for me and they ALWAYS cried when they saw me. BUT this time was different. It was a nice May Saturday and the sun was shining. It was a little windy but that was alright, we made it work. Shannon had signed up for a Mommy & Me session only to turn it into a full session surrounding their family. On this day, these two didn’t cry when they saw me, they didn’t turn away, they ACTUALLY SMILED! I got smiles. I cannot even believe it. They gave me big cheeses and continued to do it throughout the session.

We strolled around downtown Ionia on the beautiful brick Main Street and stopped at a few random places throughout the hour we spent together. Shannon wanted a “city” look so we did the best we could in this small town of Ionia utilizing the brick walls and alley ways. They turned out beautifully! I sent Shannon the gallery and she was ecstatic to see them, she said “These are exactly what I envisioned! Perfect!”

Happy birthday to these two cuties, I cannot wait to photograph them for years to come. I especially cannot wait to catch their faces the moment they get to meet little brother.



I hope you’ve enjoyed these just as much as I do! Thanks for reading <3



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