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The Krout’s | Lowell Lifestyle Chapter @ The Wittenbach Center


It started off as a rainy Sunday evening. We were leaving the studio to head over to Lowell when it started pouring. I knew the Krout family was already en route to our destination and as we were driving away from town, I could see the storm clouds following behind. I saw the gorgeous sunset being swallowed up by the dark clouds and not a ray left in sight. We got to the Wittenbach center and met the Krouts. We decided to start anyway and see how far we got. We got in about 15-20 minutes of shooting and the sky just kept getting darker. I knew it wasn’t going to be what they wanted. Kristan had talked about some of her inspiration and how she wanted some gorgeous sunset type photos, that was not that day. We decided to reschedule for the up coming Tuesday to try again. Tuesday came and just as I was getting into the car to head to Lowell it started POURING in downtown Ionia. What a mess. I couldn’t reschedule again so I made my way towards Lowell and luckily this time, the storm stayed behind me! I got past all the rain clouds and weird weather and drove right into the beautiful sun shine. It was perfect! I got to the venue and met the family and we instantly got started. We walked down the gorgeous, pine tree lined, path the leads into the woods and started there. Then we made our way out into the tall grass just in time to get some gorgeous sun going down behind them. It was everything we could have imagined and more!


I’m just glad we still know how to have fun even though the weather wasn’t quite what we expected!

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