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Studio Dogs || Brick Street Studio dogs in Action || Ionia MI

We don’t always post a lot of personal bits on here. Not because we don’t want to, mostly because we forget and run out of time. If you’re ever wondering what an off day might look like, here you go.

My dogs come to work with me, they bark at just about every moving subject outside while I sit here and edit. They run around and come up to me wondering when we’re going to go home. I always tell them very soon but we all know it never is really very soon. They eventually find a couch to lay on or a blanket and settle down but its almost every time they’re here with me, they get photographed in one way or another. I mean how can one not photograph these two handsome boys in this beautifully lighted room?! They however, don’t normally do this well. I’m not sure if it was the different walking route we took or maybe they ate a good breakfast. Who knows! Either way, I’m pretty thrilled with how these turned out and I cannot wait to replace their little headshots at home with some of these.

Don’t forget, you can always include your fur baby in your photo session! We love capturing your beautiful pets. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading! Poncho and Wallace hope they helped brighten your day <3


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