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Senior Pictures : 3 Tips For A Great Senior Session

It’s almost the end of the current 2024 school year which means those 11th graders will be moving on up to their final year of high school. That also means that they will be needing senior pictures to capture their favorite parts about their senior year. I’m here to give you 3 tips to having a great senior session in Michigan.

#1: Show off those activities!
Do you participate in extra curriculars that you love? Maybe you’re in marching band, play football, or ride enjoy hunting. No matter what it is we’d love to capture you doing what you love the most. This part of our sessions always brings out the best smiles in our seniors. Not everyone loves being in front of the camera but if you’re doing something you love it makes it that much easier. Show it off!

#2: Choose locations that are meaningful to you.
Are you a book lover? Coffee drinker? Do you love spending time at the Ionia Free Fair? Location is always important especially when it has some meaning to you. This could be your home or your grand parent’s home. Somewhere that you grew up going to with your friends or family. Maybe you enjoyed visiting the lakeshore in your early teen years so heading to Lake Michigan is always a plus. No matter where we head to, we want you to love these photos for more than what they are, photos. We want you to love them because they spark that memory from your childhood by being taken in one of your favorite places.

#3: Outfits. We know, sometimes the hardest part of the session!
Choosing an outfit is hard when it comes to picking clothes and accessories for your senior pictures. Don’t worry though, we will guide you through the entire process and find some outfits that speak to you and are meaningful to you. Keep your outfits your norm. By that we mean you want to look like yourself so dress like yourself! Your own personal style is what makes you, you. With our senior guide, we offer a checklist on things to bring to your session. We can also come do an in home style consultation to see what outfits you already have that will work, no need to go out and buy brand new unless of course you want something special.

Each of our senior picture experiences include a senior guide. This will guide you through our process as well as give you some great tips and ideas when it comes to preparing for your session. We will guide you through the entire posing process during the session, and through the entire ordering appointment after the session. We are here every step of the way to make your senior session iconic and unique to you. Ready to book your class of 2025 senior experience? Find more info about our senior pictures here.

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