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Pet Picture Day // Ionia County Animal Shelter

When trying to decide some different things to do with my Senior Influencer team members this year we came up with the idea of doing a shelter day at the Ionia County Animal Shelter. I wanted to take them to the shelter and show off some of the amazing animals that are in need of a home. Today was that day! We showed up to the Ionia County Animal Shelter upon their opening time and dove right in starting with photographing some of their dogs. We didn’t get to all of the dogs, but they were all such a joy to work with. So sweet, patient, playful, and just looking for love.

We started with little Albert. He is a 1 year old Daschound mix who is seriously extremely sweet. The shelter says he would do best in a home with older children but he had a blast running around with our seniors outside getting some fresh air. He was a “big” little lover! If I could bring this guy home I would have in a heartbeat.

We then moved on to Kayla. Now Kayla is just a young pup. She is a sweetheart and loves to run and jump in the yard. Her jumping was quite comical when we would throw the ball for her to fetch! She would make a great family or couple’s pet! She was definitely a wiggle worm but she did love getting all the attention from Izzy and Krista.

After Kayla, we moved on to Bella. The potato. I mean look at this little baked potato, she is just the sweetest! Bella is a little leary of people at first but she took to us right away. She was loving the snuggles and getting to hang out in the grass during her little photo sesh. She was a big lover and didn’t want to leave Izzy’s side when it came time to go back in. Don’t let her timidness fool you, give 30 seconds and she will be your forever best friend!

After Bella came Auggie. This senior guy is a hunk. His fur was so soft and he was just such an amazing pup. The shelter said he would do best with older kids and other low key dogs. He enjoyed sniffing the yard and getting out in the fresh air! Personally, I think Auggie would be the perfect pup to have at home! He is a little slower than the younger pups but he still is enjoying life to the fullest!

Next up, check out my man Zeus! Zeus’ adoption has been sponsored! That means if you’re interested in him, he’s all taken care of and ready to come to his new home. He’s a young guy and the sweetest brindle pup around. He needs a little additional training, but he does like to walk himself by holding the leash in his mouth at times! This dog cracked me up! He couldn’t get enough of the scratches from Krista and Izzy! He is just beyond handsome!

How can you say no to any of these faces! There are a few other pups awaiting their forever homes that we didn’t have time to photograph. Seriously, if you’re questioning any of these, head out to the shelter and meet them in person! They were all such fantastic pups! Once we finished with the pups, we did move in to the Kitty Kingdom. My favorite room at the Ionia County Animal Shelter. It’s literally a room full of kitties. I think I could spend every day here and not tire of it! There are tons of fantastic cats here ready for their new homes. They were all just too sweet!

If you’re looking to adopt, please head to the Ionia County Animal Shelter’s website for more info on the available pets and the shelters location. You can also stay up to date on their Facebook page. They post a lot of great info about their available animals as well as other images and videos!

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