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National Puppy Day! Michigan Dog Photography

Did you know that today is National Puppy Day?! In honor of this glorious day I thought I’d put a blog together of some of my favorite dog photos from the last year or two. We have quite a few great ones and I can’t wait for you all to see them! I mean who doesn’t love looking at a bunch of pictures of dogs?

Have you ever considered doing a photoshoot for your dogs? It’s not something that’s always high on people’s to-do lists but trust me it’s worth it. Having a beautiful wall art piece or a shelf print of your pup displayed in your house always gives a sense of comfort knowing your furry friend is truly part of your family. We encourage all our clients to bring their dogs or other pets to their sessions because they deserve a close up too! We love photographing dogs because all dogs are different. Photos of your dogs being themselves really bring out the personalities and beauty of their breed. I know, who could have thought my two silly-looking dogs would be considered beautiful, but I sure do! The 16×24 metal print of them hanging in my house sure is beautiful too.

golden retriever family
christmas dog
saint bernard in a photo studio
three poodles getting pictures
two pitbulls playing in the snow
english bulldog sitting on couch
three dog breeds
swimming dogs
dog headshots
shar pei sitting in flower field
red lab in forrest
labradoodle turns one year old
pit bull and corgi sitting in the sunset
irish wolfhound at bertha brock park
two poodles sitting on couch
great dane puppy photoshoot
great dane puppy photoshoot
black lab on solid white backdrop
black lab on solid white backdrop
dog family sitting on couch
national puppy day dog
national puppy day dog
two poodles at christmas time
national puppy day dog

After seeing these beauties on National Puppy Day you’re thinking about booking your furry friend their own photoshoot aren’t you?! We have the best option coming up on May 7th, our Petite Spring Experience. It’s perfect for some updated family photos, mommy and me, pet photos, or whatever else you may need to start this year off. You can find more info and sign up here. Let’s update those photos!

For more info on the other types of sessions that we offer, be sure to check out our website. We are booking 2023 weddings and Class of 2023 Senior portraits. Let’s chat! Happy National Puppy Day!


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