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Leona Road Wedding Venue // Bethany + Justin

Well hey there! I wanted to hop on here and share a few images from one of our June weddings in 2022. Back on June 25th, a beautiful couple with names, Justin and Bethany, got married at the gorgeous Leona Road wedding venue in Grand Rapids. This was a newer venue at the time so we were super excited to be able to capture its beauty during this wedding.

Justin and Bethany stuck with the theme of the venue using minimal yet elegant decor to bring the entire place together. Golds, greens, and blush pinks littered the venue in a perfect way. Bethany’s dress was stunning with soft tulle all around and Justin’s navy blue suit complimented everything perfectly. They were surrounded by their closest friends and family on their big day and the Leona Road wedding venue was absolutely perfect.

We started the day off with some getting ready photos of Bethany in the bridal sweet getting into her gorgeous gown. Her matron of honor was able to come out and see her for the first time before putting in her veil. After Bethany was completely ready to go, we couldn’t resist capturing some singles of her in their seating area of the venue!

After the ceremony had finished, we were able to capture Bethany and Justin together along with their wedding party just enjoying their afternoon. I can’t say this enough, it was absolute perfection.

I always love when my cousins hire me to photograph their weddings. That means I get to have fun photos with them on their big day doing what I love best. Justin, I still can’t believe you’re married off to a beautiful woman and not the little goofball that grew up a few years younger than me. I am so happy for you and Beth, welcome to the family Beth!

Wedding Venue: Leona Road

Some wedding decor is provided by: Grand Event Rentals

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