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Lansing Senior Pictures- Downtown // Mara

Ever wondered where we could go for some Lansing senior pictures? Mara chose to head over to Michigan State Universities’ campus for her first session. We walked around the horticultural gardens and made our way through the stunning campus that they have. After finishing over at MSU we made our way to our state Capitol. It’s such a stunning building and looked even cooler with the rain clouds overhead. We just barely missed the downpour as we were hopping back in the car to head back home.

If you’ve never been to Michigan State University, I highly recommend going to their horticultural gardens to wander around in the summer. Be sure to bring your mosquito spray though, the night we were there, they were out in full force! The gardens are absolutely beautiful when in full bloom. The variety of plants and flowers that surrounds the place with gorgeous trails and water fountains made for the perfect picturesque backdrop. You’ll see for yourself if you keep on reading!

Mara brought her mom and grandmother with her to the session. The four of us had a blast wandering around. Grandma was a big help in holding my reflector for both of Mara’s sessions. We will share some images from her second session, that we did this past fall, on another day. In the meantime, enjoy these gorgeous Lansing senior pictures of Mara.

lansing michigan senior girl
lansing senior pictures at MSU
lansing senior pictures at MSU gardens
lansing senior pictures girl with tulips
MSU horticultural gardens senior girl
lansing senior pictures girl in flower bed
lansing senior pictures girl at capitol

For Mara’s second session we incorporated her sports and love for basketball. Our goal for your senior session is to bring out some of your favorite parts of yourself. Be unique, be you, and just enjoy this time. Let’s showcase those things you love or your favorite activities such as sports, music, books, games, or anything else that you might love!

We are booking class of 2023 seniors and would love to get you on our calendar before it fills up. Find more info here. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more samples of our work.


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