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Friday Night Lights | IHS Football & Cheer

I’m sure a lot of you have seen some of these photos but I wanted to share a few that you haven’t seen in honor of tonights first Ionia High School Football game. It is an away game, they are playing against the Panthers @ Alma.

Brady and Danielle are Brick Street Studio’s two Ionia senior models. They both are heavily involved in sports so we decided that we wanted to get them together to do a few sports photos. They don’t only play football or cheer, Brady also plays basketball and Danielle plays basketball and softball. A couple of busy kids! Danielle was also given the title of captain for her cheerleading squad this year!

The night of their sports session, there was rain in the forecast. It was quite cloudy but the rain wasn’t in site so we met out at the high school football field and got started. We were just finishing up the football and cheerleading shots when massive black clouds rolled over us and it started to down pour! We ran towards the cars and luckily neither one of them got wet so we were able to finish up with their indoor sports right after. I may have been soaked from head to toe but that didn’t stop me from shooting. My camera stayed nice and dry so we moved right into the next set of images! That dark sky sure did make for an awesome backdrop though, you’ll see what I mean in the images below.

Wish these two and their teams the best of luck during their 2018 season! They deserve it with all the hard work they put into these sports!



I wish you both the best of luck with everything this year and a big win for tonight!


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