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Dalmatian Sensation / Grand Rapids Pet Photographer

Ever since I was a little girl I have been overly obsessed with Dalmatians. I’ve always been a dog lover but the moment I watched 101 Dalmatians it was all over from there. I had to have been about 5 or 6 years old and it was all I talked about. I had over 101 stuffed Dalmatians, in my Dalmatian themed bed room, with my Dalmatian themed pajama’s, and anything else you could ever imagine. I had always wanted to own one for myself but haven’t had a chance…yet. I suppose my little spotted foot Wallace is just as wonderful.

A few years ago I met Sara. Sara at the time had three Dalmatians under her wing and I was able to go photograph them and we got such an amazing group photo that we never thought we could get! It was beautiful! Well a few weeks ago I found out that one of those beautiful Dal’s was expecting. Her name was Charlotte. Of course I jumped on the opportunity to tell Sara that we absolutely had to do some newborn photos. She was completely ok with my insanity and we set up a date after the puppies had arrived.

It was a beautiful summer day in August. Keysha and I along with two helpers drove out to Sara’s home to meet these beautiful little creatures. There was 9 of them. I was over the moon, it was like a dream come true! I got to do two of my favorite things, snuggle some Dalmatian puppies, and photograph them. You can imagine how I felt seeing how this was the first time I had ever really gotten to hold a Dalmatian pup. How much better could it get? We had a cute little bed and brought a few other props, we weren’t exactly sure how the night would go but we had a great idea of the images we wanted to capture. Everything went better than expected. Charlotte even got to be a part of this experience and she was happy to be able to over see the entire operation. She stood next to me sniffing each pup as we switched them out, you could tell she wanted to make sure her babies were doing alright. It was such an amazing night! Go ahead and see for yourself!



I think I may have found a new favorite thing to photograph! This was so much fun and I am so in love with how everything turned out. These pups were the perfect little models! Although it was good that there were 5 of us handling them, they did like to get up and try and wiggle their way off the bed! For more information on the availability of these puppies, please contact Sara.

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  1. Mama Patti says:

    The pictures are amazing. the story is very well written. i thought, “that is a dream come true” and then I read it. Sara must be thrilled with the outcome. another great job!

    • brickstreetblog217 says:

      It certianly was a dream come true! I was dying a little on the inside the minute I saw them haha. Sara was loving all the photos!

  2. Jodie stellmach says:

    These are the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen!!!
    You should be so proud!!! Luv it🐾🐾


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