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Confidence Session with Natalie | Ionia Studio

On a weekend in March, Natalie came into our studio for her Confidence Session. She signed up to be one of our Tween + Teen Influencers so this was her first shoot as part of that process. When we go through and plan these sessions I tell them to bring some things that they’re interested in such as a favorite book, or even some art supplies. Natalie brought in her favorite book and also told us her favorite color was purple. She also mentioned that anything Pride-related was great too. We incorporated as much as possible into her session to make her feel comfortable and love her images!

During her confidence session, we started off with some simple backgrounds and easy poses to get her comfortable in front of the camera. I mean what 6th grader ever really feels comfortable in front of a camera, we wanted to change that for her. Little did I know what a natural she would be! I love when my subjects, especially at her age, just act themselves in front of the camera. It can be scary getting your photos done by yourself but she rocked it. She brought some of her favorite things, a book, a blanket, her headphones, and two of her favorite outfits. We used them all and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome for this gorgeous tween. Being a converse fan myself, those yellow converse almost stole the show for me.

I have worked with Natalie once before and worked with her family members a handful of times in between. This family is one of the best! I couldn’t wait to give Natalie this chance in front of my camera to showcase the amazing person she’s becoming.

I am excited to have her be a part of our Influencer team and look forward to working with her more in the future! If you have a tween or teen that might want a Confidence Session, we’d love to have them join our Influencer Team! This team is to help build self-esteem, and showcase their confidence to other teens who may need that little jump to loving themselves no matter the stage of growing up they’re in. You can find more info at our Tween+Teen Influencer Program link.

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