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Class of 2018: See Ya Later!

As we finish up with the class of 2018, I wanted to share a few of our favorites from the last year. What fun we have had with all of these fellow graduates. We were able to watch them grow throughout the last year and even see some changes from their first sessions into their final sessions.

One of my favorite things about photographing seniors is seeing the changes that take place from our initial consultation all the way through their gallery reveal.  A lot of these students, we meet at the end of their junior year and continue working with them throughout most of their senior year. I get to watch them grow as people and see them make their way into adulthood.

We have had so much fun photographing seniors all over the state and beyond. We’re really hoping to do a few more traveling seniors this coming year. I travel to Traverse City area quite often throughout the summer and will be giving the option to photograph you up in the Traverse Bay area or other gorgeous surrounding landmarks. This year we were able to make it to an awesome variety of locations including Ionia, Portland, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Penn State, Stanton, Lowell, and more!


GR-28 (1)IMG_5328Connor-40049A2051C-16Ally-22Sammie-2Chloe-11Abby-48KailenF-48IMG_4824MichaelaWard1stSession-64Heckman.Senior.CarsonCity18-46Dylan-57R-3Ramsey-29_MG_2814_MG_8203

Here is to the next chapter of your lives! We want to wish all of our Class of 2018 seniors the best of luck in their future endeavors and look forward to seeing what you will accomplish. Thanks for another wonderful year of senior portraits, we cannot wait to get started with the class of 2019!

Class of 2019 seniors are now booking dates! If you’re part of the class of 2019 seniors and are interested in a date, please don’t hesitate to get it scheduled. Our schedule is filling quickly! We pride ourselves in giving our seniors a handcrafted experience that will be more than just a photo shoot. We make it an experience!

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