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Centennial Barn Wedding | Alex + Laura

Alex and Laura. I love knowing that I was around the night they met. I wasn’t actually with them during this time but Alex used to live with us when we lived over in Grand Rapids and he came home telling us all about this girl he met. Next thing we knew, Laura entered his life and these two were inseparable! A couple years later, their Centennial Barn wedding was absolutely gorgeous.

We did a photoshoot for their one month anniversary and I could just tell that these two were in it for the long haul. A few years went by and of course, we remained friends. I kept telling my husband that I was waiting for the day we heard the news. Literally a couple of weeks later we ran into Alex and he told us that it was going to happen very soon. Next thing we knew, he had proposed and the date was set!

Bridal dresses hanging from window
groom getting ready on his wedding day
bride getting ready on her wedding day
boutonnière being pinned onto grooms jacket by mom

We loved the getting ready areas at the Centennial Barn!

The getting ready process at the Centennial barn was a breeze. They have an area inside the house for the gals to get their make up done and get dressed. Then in the garage off of the house is converted into a nice little man cave for the groomsmen to prepare for the day.

bridesmaids popping a bottle of champagne
dad seeing his daughter as a bride for the first time
bride sitting on couching looking out a window

Not only does this location have a gorgeous barn to offer for a backdrop, but there is also a field right next door that has horses in it! They would come right up to the fence to see what we were doing while taking photos. Really added a gorgeous touch to their wedding day.

Check out this ceremony location!

Ahh, the ceremony location! The Centennial Barn has this gorgeous woodland ceremony location down behind their property. We rode on a hay wagon out to the area where the guests then were seated on wooden benches and it looked like it was straight out of a fairy tale! We had a few little sprinkles during their ceremony but it was such a beautiful moment, you didn’t even notice they were coming down. Everything for Alex and Laura was just magical.

bride and groom kissing
bride and groom with their wedding party

The barn reception area was fantastic!

Inside the barn it was decorated to the nines with greenery and gold and white accent colors. It was so gorgeous in there, the way they had it decorated fit both of their styles perfectly!

These two are meant to be together. They’re both such wonderful caring and kind people that I’m happy I have them to call friends. Beautiful people inside and out! Laura looked absolutely stunning on their wedding day, don’t worry Alex, you looked pretty good too ;). It was such a pleasure to be there photographing them and being able to capture the love that they share. I cannot wait to see where life takes the two of you and your fur babies, you’re both going to accomplish amazing things!

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Wedding Venue: Centennial Barn

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    Beautiful couple.Great pictures.


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