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Beach Photoshoot: How to Prepare // Lake MI

Thinking of having a beach photoshoot? Read on for a few of our favorite tips when preparing for your session. We had a lot of great beach sessions last year and we always learn something new everytime we go. When we’re in a state surrounded by water it makes it easy to enjoy the beautiful views of our great lakes! You know, we also like to travel. There’s nothing wrong with heading to the San Francisco Bay or the Gulf of Mexico, lets go!

#1: Pick your lake!

We have 5 great lakes and each one offers its own unique opportunities. Do you want a sunrise session on the shores of Lake Huron? How about something near the cliffs surrounding Lake Superior? Or maybe you’re just thinking the gorgeous sunsets along Lake Michigan. Either way, it’s going to be amazing. PJ Hoffmaster State Park has served us well this year, giving us perfect backdrops for a beach photoshoot.

#2: Bring your pets!

Do you have pets that love the lakeshore? We will help you find the perfect beach area that will accommodate your furry friends. Most beaches require them to be left on a leash but that won’t stop us from running around in the sand with them!

#3: Bring extra clothes! You’re going to get wet!

You may not think you want to get in the water but if you’re open to it, we definitely will be! Don’t worry I hop in after you to make sure we can get all the angles. Always bring an extra pair of clothes to change into after your session, no one wants to ride home in soggy pants! Trust me, getting in the water is totally worth it, it adds an extra level of gorgeousness to your images!

#4: Wind and Weather Changes

Heading over to the beach we never really know what the weather will be like. Don’t be discouraged if we don’t get a sunset, I still love a good cloudy day at the beach! We will start about an hour and a half prior to sunset to allow us enough time to capture the changing of the clouds. It’s almost always windy so bring a hairbrush to tame your hair if we need to! I always prefer to have more time than not enough so starting early is a must! 

Looking to book your beach photoshoot for 2023? Fill out our Contact Form so we can get you more info and chat about your dream beach session! Take a look at some of Michigan’s Beaches here.

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