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Aurora Class of 2021// Michigan Senior Photos

Senior photos are literally some of our favorite sessions to photograph. Aurora signed up to be a part of our Senior Influencer program for the class of 2021. It was such a pleasure having her be a part of our team while capturing her senior photos. We went on quite a few adventures during her sessions, going on a paddleboat ride across the lake at their cottage to drive around on the gator through the woods around their home. It was always something fun and different! I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. All of these adventures really made for perfect backgrounds and great memories.

That’s what our studio is all about, we want to give our seniors an experience to remember. We want to photograph them doing some of the things that they love to do, for Aurora, photographing her on her paddle board was so much fun and something we had never done before! Not only was it an experience for her, it was an awesome experience for myself. We are still looking for Senior Influencers to join our Class of 2022 team, for more info click here.

After your senior photo experience is complete, we invite you into our studio for your gallery reveal and ordering appointment. Don’t worry, we will help walk you through choosing your products and giving you guidance on what we think will suit you and your family the best! Aurora and her mom were just in this past week for their ordering appointment and I cannot wait to see the products when they come in. They ordered a few gift prints, wallets, and one of our Image Blocks. The image blocks are such an awesome and popular product with our seniors, they’re highly recommended! For product samples, follow us on Instagram!

  1. Angie Beckhold says:

    LOVE THIS!!! We are over the top excited with all our sessions, photos, backgrounds and products!!! This was an amazing senior experience, I highly recommend Karlee and Brick Street Studio for any occassion!!! Thank you for treating us with such kindness!! We greatly appreciate your exceptional skills, service, value and professionalism!!!

    • brickstreetblog217 says:

      We have LOVED working with you and Aurora this far! It has been wonderful having her be a part of our senior team this year. Thank you.


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