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Anna | IHS Senior

I met Anna and her family a couple years ago when I photographed her brother’s senior portraits. We did a few family photos during his session and when her mother reached out to me to capture Anna during her senior year I was super excited! Anna is a part of some great after school activities including Swim, NHS, and SADD. Anna had planned out a few really cute outfits that really complemented her personality and style. We started out at her grandmothers property which was a meaningful place for her and then we went over to their family cottage along a lake in Sydney MI. Of course we ended Anna’s session at the pool. You could tell she was so comfortable at the pool and how much she really enjoys it. It was great seeing her in her element!

A few facts about Anna:

  • her favorite movie is Mamma Mia (I love this one too)
  • she likes to swim and read
  • her favorite color is blue!

Anna and her mom came in for their viewing a few weeks ago and were ohhing and ahhing at all of her photos. Mom couldn’t handle how old miss Anna looked. That’s always one of my favorite parts of reveals, getting to see everyone’s reactions to their photos! I was so happy to be a part of Anna’s senior year.

As we were driving towards the cottage there was a GORGEOUS field of sunflowers. I wanted to stop and do a couple in the road anyway so I was happy to be able to get a couple in the background!


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