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A Winter In-Home Engagement // Grand Rapids Michigan

We met Salina and Jeremy a year ago after they were selected and participated in one of our model calls. We had such a blast working with them that when we found out they were engaged, we were ecstatic! Salina reached out to us about wedding photography so we set up a time to meet and go over the details. Meeting with these two is like meeting up with an old friend. We were greeted with hugs and handshakes and we just sat there and talked about our own personal lives for a minute before getting down to business. I think I could sit there and talk with them all day long, they’re just two amazing people!

When Salina asked if we could do some in-home engagement photos I couldn’t wait to get started. In-home sessions are just so simple but they give off so much personality and we just had a ton of fun with it. Obviously I was loving the fact that I got to snuggle with miss Pepper and give their little Cleo some pets. I really cannot wait for their wedding day!

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