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Senior Picture Experience // 3 Tips For Seniors

Throughout this post, you’ll see 3 of our favorite tips for the perfect Senior Picture Experience with Brick Street Studio. When we book a high school senior, we are here to guide them every step of the way. We will assist with posing techniques, what to wear, and how to choose the best location for your session. We want your senior picture experience to be one that you’ll never forget!

#1: What To Wear

This is a never-ending question when you book your session. What the heck do you wear?! Don’t worry, when it comes to deciding on outfit choices keep these three things in mind.
– Is it comfortable?
– Do you feel like yourself with it on?
– What color is it?

You always want to feel comfortable in your clothing! If you start the day off and don’t feel comfortable in your outfit, you definitely won’t feel comfortable being photographed in it. Make sure it’s something you love! Think about the time of year that your session is taking place. Color coordinate with your chosen locations and think what will stick out the best. We always suggest sticking with neutral solid tones but we know it is fun to add in a few prints and patterns here and there. Just be sure they’re subtle and won’t take away from you, the subject of the image. Also, always remember to accessorize! Accessories such as a necklace, sungalsses, or even a jacket to layer over your outfit always add a nice touch and make a completely different look.

#2: Location, Location, Location

The next question is usually, where the heck should we take these photos?! Don’t worry about that either. We have a backlog of our favorite locations that we can recommend with all different settings. Some are private property that amazing people let us use. Some places we’ve found we love photographing at as well as places we’ve found that we just don’t love photographing at. Usually due to how many people are around. If you don’t need location suggestions and already have a spot that you love, by all means, let us know!! We want locations that are special to you such as grandma’s backyard, or maybe you and your family have a favorite spot to visit like a beach. You can even take us on vacation with you, we love to travel, especially Disney World! It’s always nice having a location that means something to you even if it is just the downtown in your hometown.

Also when thinking of a location, think of places that you love. If you’re not a big beach goer, clearly you won’t need any photos along lake Michigan. Maybe you’re more of an urban lover and lover of unique architecture so a big city would be your place. Maybe you like simplicity and just want to stay in the studio using the different backdrops and props that we have available. Honestly, maybe you are into all of it and you need multiple sessions to cover all of your favorite things. Either way, we will help you decide on the perfect location to give you those dream images.

#3: Posing, Smile and Say Cheese!

Smile and say cheese! Only kidding, a little. You probably don’t have much experience in front of a camera other than some fun cell phone shots you take with your friends and that’s totally ok! Honestly, those cell phone snapshots have taught you more than you think when it comes to posing. We will help guide you into different poses and choose poses that will fit you, your personality, and your style the best. We want nothing more than for you to feel comfortable during your session. We will also guide you in doing different facial expressions. You don’t have to smile the entire time, trust me, your cheeks will be hurting by the end so taking a break is nice!

A few things to remember, be comfortable! I know this sounds repetitive because we keep saying it but seriously if you’re not comfortable, you won’t look comfortable! Tell us if you’re feeling awkward in a pose. Sit up nice and tall, don’t slouch! Slouching never works and I will always tell you to sit up tall, stand up straight, and feel confident!

Movement is key. We may ask you to move your arms around during a pose or even have you walking like a crazy penguin but the movement is always key in photographs! Constant motion and really what we call “unposing” will get those natural facial expressions that your parents will love. We will even throw in a few “fun” poses too!

We hope these tips give you a good idea of gearing up for your senior picture experience. There’s more where this came from and we will write more posts on other senior session tips in the future. If there is something specific that you have a question on, don’t hesitate to reach out! All of our senior sessions will get a link to our Senior Client Lounge which is packed full of other tips and tricks to make your senior picture experience the best it can be.

Looking to book your senior experience? Find more info on our website and be sure to fill out the contact form or give us a call to book! To see all of our updated senior pictures, follow us on Instagram where we share images from sessions and other fun stuff in our stories. We can’t wait to capture your senior year!


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