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A creative space available for anyone in the creative world to utilize and service their clients with.  


A Rentable Creative Studio

Rent our 2,800sq foot studio space for your creative needs. With a wall of north facing windows bringing in tons of natural light. Use the white brick walls, or choose from one of our three drop down backdrop colors. A select few props to choose from. Speciality backdrops available depending on the season.

1. Studio Rental

Host your creative workshop or creative retreat. We host photography workshops throughout the entire year on different photography topics. We host a beginner workshop every January. We also offer 1:1 Mentoring starting at $250.

2. Workshops and Retreats

Need a private place to meet with your creative team? We have tables and chairs that can be used for teams up to 15 people. Options to set up projectors, host a lunch and learn, and more.

3. Creative Meeting Place

Any set up or clean up necessary for your shoot will need to be included into your time booked. Please arrive & clean up on-time to be respectful of others. If there’s an appointment after you, we will let you know. Bookings that leave the space more than 5 minutes after their end-time when another appointment is booked directly after them will be automatically billed a $40 late-fee. Studio rentals are available 7 days a week.

Notes: Extra hours may be purchased during appointment if there is no one else scheduled after you. If you find you need more time, for a flat rate of $50 per hour can be applied. Please email us at for more information to book your extra hours. 

Rental Rates

2 Hours - $100
4 Hours - $200
8 Hours - $375

For extended rentals, please contact us for more information.

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Brick Street Studio is located at 415 West Main Street in downtown Ionia MI. It is a quaint downtown with historic buildings and a red brick road, giving more opportunities to utilize your surrounding areas for creative outlets. 

Our studio has 18 foot tall ceilings with a wide open floor plan. Ton's of natural light entering through the front north facing side of the building. The walls are painted all white allowing the natural light to fill the room. 

We are surrounded by some great local restaurants and small businesses that can help cater any meal you might need. To Go menu's will be available during your rental time. 

You will receive an email or text message the night before with your reserved appointment instructions. When you arrive to the front door, you'll have access  via our keypad. During your appointment, it is your responsibility to let clients in using the front door. 

After booking, if you realize you may need more studio time, you can e-mail to make changes and add additional time to your reservation. Additional hours are billed at $50 an hour. You may add more time during your appointment if there is nobody booked right after you. 

Variety of light stands including one C-Stand and a backdrop stand. These are available upon request.

Rolling backdrop wall, each side painted two different colors, as well as a magnetic backdrop mount option (coming soon).

Secluded private session area available for boudoir, mention session type upon rental request.
Hangers, garment rack, full-length mirror, changing room. 

Assorted stools, chairs, tables, blankets, other small props. 

Assorted 9ft paper rolls- White, Black, Grey + Ultramarine.

TV lounge space for client meetings equipped with Netflix to keep little ones busy.

Refrigerator to store any food, as well as a sink for washing items.

Equipment rental is available: 2 AD600 Pro Godox lights, 2 48" popup beauty dish, and one silver lined beauty dish are available upon request for an additional $50 during your rented time. This will depend on availability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What equipment + amenities do you supply? 

Looking for a workshop or a 1:1 Mentorship? We offer annual beginner workshops as well as advanced workshops every January. These are 4 week long classes teaching your the ways of photography. We also offer 1:1 mentorships during the months of January-September. 

Workshops & 1:1 Mentorships

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